About Us

My name is Samantha; I am a Police Officer and U.S. Army Veteran, along with my full-time job of being a wife and mother of three. My husband and I decided to create Hearts and Heroes dolls so they can serve

as a learning tool, a memento, or even your child's close friend. My husband and I go away constantly at all hours of the day, and we wanted to make something that we could give our children to hold and think of us, a comfort piece. Not only are we here to provide learning tools and mementos, we want to give back. We have started the Hearts + Heroes Project, where 5% of each purchase goes towards our project.

Our goal is to also inform young children what we do

as public safety and military. It is not only about carrying a weapon and catching bad people, but we are also much more. I want our young children to be informed and know that they can grow up to be whatever they want to be. I hope to do all of this along with bridging the gap between our Public Safety and the Community. 

We thank you in advance for your support, and to those who serve and have served, We Salute You!

Hearts + Heroes Project