What to know about your pre-order.

When a loved one is away; Hearts + Heroes dolls are there to stay.

The order for dolls has already been pre - placed and production is going as scheduled; however there is always risk associated with shipping during COVID. Dolls are arriving a little later in the month of April. As soon as we have dolls in hand they will be shipped. If you have a custom order these will be customized and sent out immediately. Please contact us if you have any further questions.



Check out what we have been up to through the years.

This project has been years in the making. We started with crochet dolls with uniforms to our current plush dolls. We have tested multiple manufacturers until we found the perfect company to provide Hearts + Heroes with a high quality item. These dolls come from the Heart. I am a Mother, a Soldier, a Police Officer, and the Spouse of a Police Officer. I sit in many of the shoes that you may also sit it. I have gone multiple nights with my children asking "Where is Daddy"? My answer: "Daddy is out there making the world a better place". I can not be home with my children all the time nor can their daddy. One thing I can do is provide a comfort tool for them to hold to fill the void until their daddy or myself walks back through that door. 

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