Let's Create Your Mockup <3

Let's see what we can do! Send us a photo and we will create a mockup of the photo that was sent. These mockups will mimic the uniform and are not identical replicas. Once the mockup is approved it will take us 3-5 business days to create your custom uniform.

Disclaimer: Uniform colors need to be a color we carry standard (dark blue, black, green, tan, brown, gray).

Fully custom dolls and uniforms can be created. You may want a doll with gray hair and blue eyes. You may want to choose a uniform color that we do not carry. Turn around time will take 4-6 weeks and a fully custom doll will cost $120.00.

Is there a group of 10 or more that would like to order the same uniform? Is the uniform a standard color we carry? Group discounts can be offered if you and a group are looking to order the same custom uniform.

Do you have a business, department, etc that is looking for custom dolls? Our uniforms are not only specific to public safety, military, and medical. If you can describe it, we can create it :)

Send an email to: info@heartsandheroesus.com for more information.