Hearts + Heroes Project

In 2018, I lost a partner while working. He was a father to a very young and beautiful little girl. He talked about her all the time and always asked questions about different activities he could do with her. Being a mother of two, almost three at the time, I had all the answers.

He passed away February 13, 2018, a day that I will never forget. His passing hit me hard for multiple reasons, but a huge part of that was because he was a father to that young girl. My partner reminded me a lot of my husband. His death really made me realize that in our field of work, one of us could walk out the door and tell our children good bye; not knowing if we will ever walk back in.

For years, I have thought about different ways to help his daughter. This is when I came up with the Hearts + Heroes Project. Every doll purchase someone makes; part of the funds will go to the "Project". ​

While the project stays funded through sales and donations. Every-time a child loses a parent in the line of duty, Hearts + Heroes will send the family a custom doll with the name and badge or name and rank that resembles the loved one lost.

We will never be able to bring that loved one back, but we can help them to "Never Forget". ​ 

We ask that if you know of any families that have gone through a loss within the year; to please contact us with the information.​ If purchasing a doll is not something you would like, but you do want to give to our "Project". Please donate below.  

We appreciate all that you do and we thank you in advance!

Are you interested in helping us out?

Make a donation today. Your donation goes towards helping a family that lost a loved one receive a custom doll.

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Thank You <3

We are so grateful and thankful to our donors that have helped us be able to get dolls out to more families. It is important that we show these families that we have their six. It is hard to imagine a loved one walk out the door for duty and never walking back through those doors. We never think it will happen to us; until one day it does. We will never be able to bring that loved one home; but we plan on helping to keep the memory alive.